Providing our customers a fully integrated
door to door service


Our worldwide networks ensure that shipments of
all materials can be handled the best way possible.


We sell, pack and deliver dry-ice and refrigerants


We will listen to your needs first, and then
work to find the best solution


With our own vehicles we can deliver your product
on time and at the correct temperature


Logical Freight Solutions (LFS) are a dedicated logistics provider to the healthcare industry, with specific focus on the life sciences and biotechnology sectors. Since our inception, over 20 years ago, we have honed our skills and expertise to ensure we are offering the healthcare marketplace the best possible services to ensure the greatest possible customer experience. 

The ethos of the business was, and remains to ‘accept the challenge’ that our clients provide and we have now expanded our services within the Healthcare sectors to include pharmaceuticals, veterinary and clinical trials, still focusing on being a specialised Healthcare provider. As of today, 100% of revenues earned by LFS derive directly from the Healthcare marketplace and its associated sectors. The company embraces these challenges with gusto and a ‘can do’ attitude when others in the industry say, “it’s all too hard”. The ethos to ‘accept the challenge’ remains a cornerstone of the business today.

LFS was founded in Melbourne Australia in 1994. Throughout the past 21 years, LFS have established offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the USA but despite our international experience LFS is still proudly Australian owned and operated.

Our Services

International Logistics and Inbound Clearance

We are experienced in moving time and temperature sensitive shipments worldwide as well as dangerous goods and radioactive substances. Our worldwide networks ensure that shipments of all materials can be handled the best way. Our expertise ensures that we handle all international shipping requirements, from traditional standard consignments right through to “Next Flight” specials.   Read More…

National Transport

With our own vehicles, we can deliver your products nationally. We can offer the most efficient routing, correct temperature medium, and transportation solutions for all life science and research industry products predominantly on an overnight service. Among the many benefits we offer are additional key services such as special handling and packaging, onsite packaging, and acceptance of all hazardous materials as well as advice on hazardous classifications.  Read More…

Temperature Sensitive or Time Sensitive

Due to the market sectors we cater for, we are in every Hospital, University, Medical Research Centre and R&D Lab on a daily basis, with many of these end users also being customers of LFS. Therefore, we know your customer. LFS employ Best Practice distribution services to all of our customers, however each customer has individual requirements and unlike our competitors, we cater to each and every one of them.  Read More…

Cold Chain Solutions

LFS offer complete in-house temperature controlled facilities to efficiently handle temperature specific warehousing needs. As a specialist, LFS strive to cater to the Healthcare, Biotechnology, Life Science and associated industries, ensuring all products and materials will be handled to appropriate protocol standards.  Read More…

Why us?

ISO Accreditation

We care about quality. It is not just a buzz word here at Logical Freight Solutions.  Logical Freight Solutions has maintained the ISO 9001:2008 standard since July 2004 and in July 2014 Taiwan became the first of our distribution centres to obtain the ISO 13485 certification. The ISO 9000 system has been developed with the needs of the customer as its focus, ensuring that certified organisations  adopt a management system that is customer friendly.


Customer service and personal contact with our clients is a priority. We recruit staff with extensive backgrounds in the freight and life science industries, with regulatory experts who have received training from accredited providers. We work on the principal that the person that answers your call is the person that answers your query.

Value Added Service

Due to LFS’ industry experience, we are in an exceptional position to offer value added services that have real meaning to your business but most importantly, your customers.  Our aim is to offer services and value adds that have a real and tangible result in the end users overall customer experience.